Images show up 90 degrees off


I used the template for Books and uploaded cover photos of books. The images were taken on my phone in portrait mode and were uploaded from the mobile app on that same phone. However, after upload, the are turned 90 degrees.

As a workaround, I can download the images from the browser to my Mac (where they appear in portrait again), rotate them 4 times (360 degrees), and re-upload. Then they show up in portrait as expected.

Editing images to rotate and re-crop

Hi Kevin, interesting. The images have different orientation on your phone and on your computer? Does this reproduce reliably? What phone do you have?


Hi Patricia,

I realized after submitting this that I should have mentioned that I’m on an Android running the Beta. I’m on a Samsung S5. The problem is very reproducible.

And yes, the images are in portrait on the phone and the Mac. Only in the app do they show up 90 degrees off.



Hi Kevin, wow, that’s weird. Definitely should not be happening. I’ll look into it.