Import Airtable to Power BI -> not working

I’m having a trouble connecting rest API for one of the tables that collects sales data for my business.
Since I cannot share streaming graphs of this data in airtable with my partners, I would like to bring in airtable data to power BI so that I and my partners can look up the situation at any time.
I have connected google, facebook, google sheets etc. to this service however, airtable is the only one that I’m having a big issue.

Given the API URL :[base ID]/[table ID]?Api_key=[your api key],
I have tried so many method to connect in power BI, It doesn’t work.

  • not to mention there is paid service out there that specialize connecting airtable and power BI only.

Please help me how I should resolve this issue.
Thanks in advanced.

Are you referring to graphing “streaming data”?

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