Import attachments or convert URL to attachment


I uploaded a spreadsheet that has an image URL in a column. In Airtable, that’s displayed as a simple URL.

Is there any way of turning that URL into an actual attachment?

I previously used this spreadsheet in Trello where I imported via Zapier (much more time intensive then Airtable) but could specify the URL as an attachment. Therefore, it was displayed as an image on the Trello card.


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I’m missing this functionality as well trying to convert a google sheet (=image).



I have the same need. Any updates from Airtable if this is supported somehow?



I’d like to see this functionality added as well. Currently, a URL field that is imported also needs to be set to a ULR field type automatically. It would be nice if Airtable recognized the URL format automatically and added the imported data as an actual URL instead of text, saving a step right there. Then, typically what I do now is duplicated the URL field, change it to an Attachment style field, and then cut & paste in the image from the actual URL link. A lot of wasted effort there that would be nice to automate. Maybe a formula field that is able to input an image or document associated with a URL field?