Import clients with some status automatically from one table to another

I would like to be able to automatically import contacts with the status “closed-won” into a sales tracking table.
Example: I have a travel agency, so when a prospect goes into “closed-won” status, I have to do a different follow-up (hotel reservations, excursions, etc).

I’d like the contact to be automatically transferred to the customer follow-up file when it is in the prospect file.

I’m a novice on the platform, thank you very much for your help.
Beautiful day.

Welcome to the community, @Alexia_LafitaU! :smiley: Instead of moving these “closed-won” contacts into a new table, I suggest creating a new view on your current table. Views are a great way to see specific subsets of a table’s records, without needing to make a new table. In this case, you just want to have a focused look at those contacts with that specific status.

Click on the name of your current view (near the top-left corner of the record list) and choose “Grid” from the “Add a view” options that appear near the bottom. That will make a new view showing all of the same records. Now add a filter that only shows records with “closed-won” in the status field.

You can read more about views and filters here if it will help:


Thank you so much @Justin_Barrett for taking time to answer me.
I created some views , and you’re right, it’s a very good way to address this problem.

Have a very nice day.

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