Import from existing database


I would like to convert an existing database to Airtable. For example a scholarship fund application in another desktop RDB. Lets assume we have 2 tables, to keep it simple for now.
All tables have integer primary keys and are linked to integer foreign keys:

  1. Donors

  2. Donations
    Donor_id. (FK to Donors)

Now those 2 tables have many records in it with existing PK/FKs

I know I can import them via excel but how van I link them an allow new records added in Airtable so that airtable creates new PKs



Hi Peter,

Yeah, you solution kind of needs API, I think. The problem is that you can’t know the new PK for Table A until it is inserted, and thus you can’t update the related records to maintain referential integrity without some juggling.

Where are your databases now? I have written code in MS Access which works well with the AirTable API, and could be used to migrate your data, but it would need modifications to conform to both your local database, and the AirTable base.



@Peter_Cortiel, you might also find this post helpful in which I and another user outline various resources you can use that are built-in to Airtable that I found very easy and effective. By letting Airtable do a lot of the work for you to re-establish the relationships and format your columns, you can save a great deal of time. Hope that helps.