Importing a table, then linking its records to another existing table

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I’m really loving Airtable so far. I just imported all of my old notes from a past DB, and am in the process of linking each note to each contact and database user.

I’m kind of at a loss for how to link them an get expected behavior.
Up-front, I currently have about 30k entries total… 13k contacts. 17k notes designated under Engagements.

I see plenty of content on how to create inherently linked fields, and have that data flow through as you create new records. I also see plenty of examples of how the data is structured in templates.

In my case, from my old DB, I have a unique ContactID, a unique OwnerID, and Unique Note IDs.
I would assume that linking ContactID in my Engagements to Contacts would flow through, but somehow it created a brand new series of rows in my Contacts that are completely blank, except for that field… Only about 2k out of my 13k contacts.

My desired outcome is to end up with a structure like the Sales CRM, where I have custom Interactions that are linked to each corresponding contact. Any ideas?

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same question, how to link table after import ?

You can certainly cut and paste the data - the requirement is that the text in the linked column in Engagements would need to be the same as the text in the first (Name) field in the Contacts table.

You can also achieve this with the CSV Import Block (if your account includes Blocks) and the same rule applies - the Engagements must contain the value shown in the Contact table Name field (which can be a formula) and be mapped to it.

Hope this helps!

Thank you

I will try

I’ve been trying to import an CSV into a table containing linked records and the linked records are not being imported. The data on the CSV matches perfectly the linked table and it has been exported from Airtable itself.

Is there any known workaround to this?