Importing an Image into Airtable from a Website


Is there any way to automatically upload/attach an image from a website when I input the weblink in a “Link” column in Airtable? Basically, when I input the weblink into the Link column, some function or some code would run (maybe in a separate “Function” column?) and then grab the specific image from the website and upload it into the “Attachment” column.

Not sure if this is feasible or not… Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Yes that should be possible.

You will probably need to use the Airtable API to automatically fetch the image from said URL and have it automatically added to an Attachment field.

Also you will want to have a view which is filtered to ensure that only new links will pop up in that view and have the API reference that view.

You can do it with some integration service like Integromat.