Importing and Exporting Attachments TIED to it's Specific Record


Hello, I’d be appreciative for your solutions on importing and exporting that achieves these goals? Thanks SO much.

  1. How do I import a database of a list people that have text-based-data-fields and 1-2 photos/attachments per person? I have the (a) excel file with all the data including the file name of the photo/attachments in each ‘person’ line item, and (b) all the files/attachments/photos that match the ‘file name’ in the main table list. Each record is a person/contact and each photo/attachment/file is a business card image that I’m looking to see in large size in AirTable. And the back of a business card for some of the contacts/people. There will be an initial import (of people and business cards), and then add more over time. So solution should be able to easily handle that. :slight_smile:
  2. How to export data that includes: (a) the data, (b) the attachments in high-resolution, (c ) the file name for the attachments in each line item (so I can import it back somewhere and ensure automatically matches up with the record/contact it belongs with)?