Importing Contacts via vCard/.abbu WITH PICTURES

Hi, I want to know if it’s possible to import all of my saved Contacts from my Mac (1600+ saved into a single vCard) with profile pictures.

I successfully imported all of the Contacts using the Simple CRM base but the Pictures don’t import - there’s NO WAY I’m going to place each picture next to each contact manually!



p.s. Also downloading my LinkedIn contacts too if that’s an easier way to do it

Hi @Adam_Borton,

The issue is that the images are encoded within the vCard format which makes it tricky. I’m pretty sure the import contact block don’t include importing the images. So it would be a bit of a process to do it and would require writing some custom code. Check out this link which explains how you could get the images out of the vCard. You’d still need to match them up to each contact which might be scriptable.

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Thanks, is there a Windows/Mac program that will let me export vCard/Contacts to individual folders with pictures for each person? That way it would be a lot easier to organize (and import into Airtable).


Hey @Adam_Borton,
There is this app that might be able to do the job in an organised manner.

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Wow awesome, thanks a lot!!

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