Importing .csv Into Specific View


How does one import a .csv into a specific view? I understand how to import a .csv into a table and select how to map fields for import, etc., but I don’t see a way to import data into a specific view (i.e., not the entire table).

For example, I have a table where I do not want some rows overwritten by a new data import. I can easily filter these records/rows into a view where the only visible rows are ones that I DO want to be overwritten with new data.

Does that make sense?

Thank you!

Welcome to the Airtable community!

Which records appear in a view is determined by the view filters.

If the records you import fit the view filters, whether or not records appear in the view depends on the data in the records.

If you want to overwrite only some records when importing, but not others, you can create a temporary formula field for matching purposes that will only provide a match for the records you want updated.

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