Importing CSV with Image References


I am considering moving from the iOS application MyStuff to Airtable. My only struggle is with importing images linked to the records.

When exporting from MyStuff, the result is a CSV file and then folders with related images. Does Airtable have the ability to import images based on file location references in a file in the CSV? Do the images need to be in the same directory as the CSV?

Thanks for any insight.



I am looking for this as well.

I suppose using a local filepath to the images wont work, since the csv file gets uploaded for an import while the images will just remain local.

Maybe this is possible to do through the API and using a url to the images which are somewhere in the cloud?

@RobTX did you already find a solution for this?


Would love to see this as well!



Has anyone been able to find a way to get this done? I’m needing it as well