Importing .ics file (from Google Calendar) and mapping fields

I am trying to import an .ics file (generated from Google Calendar) into Airtable with the calendar block, but when I get to the mapping step, the only fields I’m able to map are the Name and the Notes. For some reason the date and time fields are not mapping.

Hi @Olivia_Ralston

Perhaps you can take a look at the link below. It has text instructions and a video.

You will need to include the fields (Airtable) and data from the import and, of course the events in your iCS calendar and you would match them.

Are you doing this import on your desktop? That would be the best place to use this app.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, yes I’ve seen that video, but it shows the fields mapping in a way that my files are not doing. And yes it’s on a desktop.

I suppose there might be something wrong with the source .ics file but it would surprise me as it’s from Google Calendar…it would be helpful to know what to check though.

Hi @Olivia_Ralston

Since your screen is not showing the same options, perhaps you can contact Airtable support at, they might have some suggestions.

Mary Kay

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As @M_k mentioned above, you can’t import an .ics file until you first create the fields in your table. Your screenshot shows that you haven’t created any fields in your table yet. You must create your fields first, before you can import.

Thank you @ScottWorld

I see…

Having played around with it (created fields), I see that importing basic/straightforward events (with a start and finish time) would be fine.

However I just imported a calendar .ics file that has a mixture of basic events, all day events and recurring events. The all day and recurring events don’t really work (all day defaults to 12am to 12am which makes it appear on the next day, recurring doesn’t seem to work at all). I’m assuming this is an Airtable limitation and it’s not really designed to import more complex calendars - but please let me know if I’m wrong!

That is how the .ics file format requires all-day events to be listed: from midnight on one day to midnight on the next day.

However, Airtable’s calendar doesn’t properly interpret those events as all day events. Your workaround in Airtable is to make the start date and the end date IDENTICAL — both the same date, and both the same time of midnight.

Alternatively, you can also choose to make the event a very small event that only takes up 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

Those 2 ideas will help you workaround this problem in Airtable.

However, you can’t have all day events that span multiple days in Airtable… Airtable doesn’t know how to correctly handle those. In those cases, you would need to break them up into several different records.

I would recommend sending an email to and asking them to please support .ics file formats better within the program.

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That all makes sense. Bottom line: at the moment, Airtable not really set up for importing more complex calendars. Thank you!

Yep. Also, Airtable has no understanding of recurring/repeating events. So, Airtable’s calendar support is extremely limited, at best. The calendar is a nice idea, but it hasn’t really been fleshed out by Airtable.

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