Importing one-to-many relationship

I have a table of species, 1 per row.

I have another table (.csv to import) where species are linked to habitats. Each row is a unique habitat, and several rows may be linked to the same species.

I want to pull the habitat types into the original species table, where one field captures the many habitat types linked to the species.

using linked fields and rollup or lookup I can not get it to show me all the values of habitat that may be associated with a species. It just shows me the first one it comes across. I chose linked to many when I linked it.

I searched the archives but couldn’t find the answer to this question (though I’m sure it’s here somewhere) - apologies - I link to the answer would be very welcome rather than rewriting it.


Hi @Elizabeth_Crisfield - it sounds like you’re doing the right thing - can you share some screenshots so we can see some more detail?

When I mock-up your scenario it works as you describe. I have a Species table:


And a Habitats table that I import data into:

Back in my Species table, I see all of the Habitats for a species:


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Thank you for showing me that simple mock-up. I worked through your simple example and it showed me that my problem was that my main table didn’t use the species code in the key. The species code was in the table, but not in the first field. When I fixed that, everything linked up. Problem solved!

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