Improper formatting URL when using "filterByFormula" with Dexter bot


I am currently trying to pass in an option for the airtable API which is going through Dexter. The following POST method works:

$ POST<bot airtable_base>/Profile/ {"headers": {"Authorization": "Bearer <bot airtable_api_key>", "Content-Type": "application/json"},"body": {"fields": {"FormalName": "<get name>","Address": "<get address>"}}}

but I can’t seem to get this GET command to work

$ GET<bot airtable_base>/Profile/ {"headers": {"Authorization": "Bearer <bot airtable_api_key>", "Content-Type": "application/json"},"body": {"filterByFormula": {(FIND("FormalName","My Name"))}}

Anyone get this to work?


your filterByFormula is not valid json. try:

{"filterByFormula": "FIND('FormalName','My Name')"}


Thank you!
This was the fixed version

$ GET<bot airtable_base>/Profile/ {"headers": {"Authorization": "Bearer <bot airtable_api_key>"},"body": {"filterByFormula": "({FormalName} = 'My Name')"}}