In a Multiple Select Field, add an additional item to select rows


I have a Multiple Select Field and each record has a varying number of selections. Now, I want to be able to add a new selection to all of the records. In the example screenshot below, I wanted to be able to add “Econ. Dev” to all of the records in the Multiple Select Field called “Tags.” I tried doing it by creating a new field with just “Econ Dev” in all of the rows and then another “Concatenate” formula field. However, the formula field only returns plain text- it does not keep the multiple select format. Am I missing something? Thanks!


Do you want to update the current field with “Econ Dev” for all records? I think that’s only possible by hand. A formula doesn’t really set the the value of the field.

Or am I missing the point?


I show a multiple select field “Tags” in the screenshot above. Each record may have many “tags.” I would like to be able to wholesale add a new “tag” item to all rows in a table, or wholesale delete a “tag” from all rows in the table. In the example above, could I delete all instances of the tag “zoning,” for example, without having to do it manually? Or could this only be done with a find and replace feature?


I really wanted to do this today but couldn’t :disappointed:

I would welcome this feature…


I’m pretty sure you can’t do that right now.