Inability to upload CSV in synced table

At my organization we have a table in one base (Primary Base- PB) that lists members. I have another base (Outreach Base - OB) that is constructed to capture outreach efforts related to the members in the PB. Till now I have been using Zapier to update modifications of key fields within PB in my OB. Sync is going to change that I hope.

However, I’m in the midst of organizing a new synced PB member table in my OB and I’ve hit a major road block. I am unable to upload csv’s to the new synced table! I’m not interested in creating new records, I’m just modifying additional fields that are not synced to the PB.

When will this be resolved?

Hi @Maggie_Norton,

The CSV importer app should now support updating non-synced fields in synced tables!

You may need to reload to pick up the change.


Fantastic! Thank you, AT Team!