Include "modifiedTime" in API response

So I don’t need to add the Last Modified Time column to every table.

If it’s not held in the table, where would the API pull it from? Are you talking about the last time the api was modified (which I doubt).
I think last modified time addition to every table is perfect and the only way to capture the last time a record in a table was modified.

The modified time is already being collected, regardless of whether or not it’s included as a field, just like the created time.

If you retrieve a record using the API, you will get something like this:

  "id": "xxxx",
  "fields": { ... },
  "createdTime": "xxxx"

I’d like “modifiedTime” to be included in the response JSON by default, so I get something like this:

  "id": "xxxx",
  "fields": { ... },
  "createdTime": "xxxx",
  "modifiedTime": "xxxx"

My understanding was that createdTime would only be included if it were a column on the table, i.e. its no different to any of the other fields.

createdTime is always included, regardless of whether or not a column exists for it on the table. If you look at the example JSON I provided, “createdTime” is not inside the fields object, but at the same level as “id”.