Including multiple records in automations

I am creating an automation that sends a reminder email if a task is not complete within a certain date. That being said, some users have multiple tasks to complete and receive an individual email for each record they’re attached to.
Is there a way I can have a reminder email sent with multiple records condensed into one message so the owner does not receive multiple emails?

I don’t think there is. Zapier does however has a own zap called “digest” that does that trick.

Hi @Olivia_Martin - have a look at this thread:

There isn’t a way to do this directly, but with a script you could get the details of multiple outstanding tasks and send these in one email.

Do you have a user table that is linked to the tasks? You can use formula and conditional rollup fields to rollup the overdue tasks in the user record.

Then you need to use a trigger that includes a time component. For example, you could use a formula in the users table that checks the current hour and returns a value only at a specific hour.

Use the “when record meets conditions” trigger and include two conditions: one for the hour, and another that makes sure the roll up of overdue tasks isn’t empty.

Finally have the email action send the value of the rollup field.