Increase size of pop-up windows

When a cell has a large amount of text, it’s a pain to have to scroll down. It would be very useful to be able to resize the pop-up for individual fields, rather than having to scroll down to see the information due to the small size of the pop-up window.

I have some lengthy checklists that I’m keeping in a long text field, but not being able to see the whole checklist in one view (even though there is plenty of room on the screen) makes using Airtable for these checklists less than ideal. I’ve started managing them in Workflowy due to this limitation. I can’t see why Airtable wouldn’t let us resize the pop-ups for a better viewing experience.

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What platform are you using?

I am able to resize pop-ups for long text fields on my Windows computer when using Airtable in the Chrome browser.

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One word - code. And code requires money, time, testing, design, etc.

Instead of incremental innovation in this area, Airtable would be well-advised to pursue approaches with requirements such as here, here, and most importantly, here.

Until such time as the underlying rendering components are made “shapeable”, the rigidity will remain. And such flexibility must start at the view - a new view of type “custom” that is extensible through CSS and HTML. By definition, such a feature will provide a natural extension to any dialogues and popups which could also take advantage of the full viewport of the parent app.


I think @DavidVM might be referring to something like this - with constrained displays, vertical content could benefit by width adjustments.


Thanks for chiming in @kuovonne and @Bill.French.

I’m accessing Airtable through Chrome on a Windows machine, however, I have the same problem when using the Windows app.

I can drag the pop up around, but I can’t resize the window. The popup is only capable of showing 17 lines at a time. Screenshot below.

Another option would be to enable custom vertical heights for records, rather than being restricted to just 4 heights, none of which are very big.

While we’re on the topic, it would also be nice to resize the field labels, to allow for multiple lines of text. I’m guessing that some of the changes Bill is suggesting would also allow for this. Having to keep fields wide just to be able to read the full field name makes for lots of sideways scrolling that could be reduced by wrapping field names over multiple lines.

Also this :point_up_2:

Now that’s strange. I know that I’ve been able to move and resize the long text field popup in the past, but I can’t now, no matter which browser I use.