Increase the width of an expanded record's Activity sidebar

This is kind of related to Better UI/UX for activity feed but more specific.

I’m new to Airtable and a huge part of its appeal is a single place to manage data and content, and to discuss it.

But the width given to an expanded record’s Activity pane is insufficient to make discussion easy – to write or to read – which means discussions are too likely to end up some place else such as Slack or Basecamp.

My experience to date suggests that, on desktop/laptop:

  • The modal overlay for an expanded record has a fixed width of 838px given to it
  • The Activity sidebar is given 308px of that
  • Which leaves just 218px available for text content in a Comment.

That’s enough for only about 30 characters per line of Comment text, and that’s a pain.

Please find a way to grant more width to the Activity pane when there is sufficient viewport width available. It ought to be possible for it to allow an optimal line length of around 65 characters.


If I could, I would give this request 1,000 likes.

In a lot of organizations, Airtable could overtake Slack as a much more effective communications hub if the product offered a better UX for notifications and comments.


I’ll just add to this that I’d like the ability to expand the Expanded Record window generally… Where notes are long, one can end up having to do a lot of scrolling back and forth to capture / view data.

Thank you for posting!

This is easily the one thing that AirTable can do to make the UI exponentially better. I am dumbfounded every time I expand a record that the view is so limited!