Increase width or decrease text size in kanban cards


(I’m trialing Kanban to see if it makes sense to [try to] get our person team to switch from Asana)

Because of each Kanban column is so thin, and the font for the title of the card is so large, only a few words from the record’s title fit in the card, and I often need to click on the card to understand what it is about. This is the case even after I significantly shortened the titles.

One possible solution would be to make the font size smaller, or customizable.

Another possible solution could be to make the width of columns customizable. Right now I have a board with 4 columns, and the right half of my screen is completely empty, which doesn’t make sense considering I can’t even read the short titles in full. If I could make columns wider, I’d be able to see the full text. However, this would only fix the problem for boards with few columns.

For boards with more columns, we’d still need another fix, like making text smaller or skinnier.

Currently because the kanban columns are very thin, AND the title for the cards are shown in a large font (relative to the width of the columns), most of my card titles are being truncated, even after considerable effort to make them shorter.

I’m new to AirTable and it looks very nice, it has potential to replace Asana for our team, but this one thing is rendering the Kanban view essentially useless for me.

Any ideas?

Make kanban view fit longer card titles
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