Increment a Date - want to calculate adding 30-60-90 dates to a start date

Increment a Date - I want to calculate another field by adding 30-60-90 dates to a start date. Is that possible? I’ve tried using the DATETIME_FORMAT function - DATETIME_FORMAT({Start Date}+30,‘YYYY-MM-DD’) and with brackets around the 30

You are most likely looking for DATEADD. Try this:
DATEADD({Start Date}, 30, "days")

You might need to mess with the formatting tab, and may want to choose “Use the same time zone (GMT) for all collaborators” to avoid time zone issues.


Thank you Nick!! That’s it! Any way to supress the time?? Appreciate your insight…

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No problem. And yes, you should be able to hide the time in that same “Customize field type” popup where you wrote the formula. Click on the ‘Formatting’ tab inside that popup, and unselect “Include a time field”.


Viola!!! You’re a gem!! I’m just scratching the surface of how to utilize Air Table…thanks for your expertise!! Cheers, Frank

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Thanks for you help!!!

Much appreciated!



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