Increment in a formula


Any way to do an increment function in a formula?

I have a table with each date per row/record (1/1/2018, 1/2/2018, 1/3/2018,etc) and want to identify in a formula column which pay period the date falls in, so the formula hypothetically would start on 1/1/2018 as pay period 1, and then for every 14 days thereafter would increment +1 with an integer output so that 1/15/2018 would = 2, 1/29/2018 would = 3 and so on into infinity.


Hi Curtis,
I believe it should be something like:



This is blooming brilliant. I hadn’t thought of that at all, and was definitely overcomplicating this. Thanks so much for your quick response @Ilan_Ben_Yaakov!!