Ingest of PDF Form Attached to Office 365 Email?


All, I’ve gotten pretty savvy with Zapier, but CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME figure out how to do the following:

  1. Point Zapier at an Office 365 inbox.
  2. Grab any PDFs (ideally matching criteria X) attached to incoming email (ideally matching criteria Y)
  3. Parse said PDF, creating a CSV (or whatever), in which each form field value from the PDF is captured.
  4. Populate a new Airtable record in Base Z, Table AA, using the form field values captured above.

I’ve looked at, cloudconvert, taskpipes… No dice.

Any/all help would be hugely appreciated!




HI there Andrew or anyone,
I am not Zapier savvy but attempting to be. I have activated our API and connected to Zapier but I cannot see Office 365. We chose Airtable because it integrates with Office 365. Any assistance would be gratefully received.


Have you added both Airtable and Office 365 as “apps” top Zapier? If so, you should be able to access O365’s features; outlined here:

Hope that helps! Unfortunately, I don’t have any true first-hand advice for you. We ended opting to use G Suite for our integrated email needs.


Hi Andrew,

Appreciate the response. I have connected Airtable as an app to Zapier, not Office 365. Halfway there.


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Hi, you can also try It should work without problems.