Inputs from Forms Filtered and Available for Searching on a Public Website

I’m new to this and trying understand whether I can “get there from here”. The concept:

~ People fill out a form with the results going into a base
~ A majority of the data elements for these records are then made accessible to a public website
~ Anyone can then go to that website and do a search based on a variety of elements that were made available; they can filter, search, sort, etc to find the records that are helpful to them.

Is this do-able? I was not exhaustive in my search of case studies, but have not yet found one that shows that you can do this.

Thank you!

That all sounds doable. Create a table with a form view that you’ll use to collect data. Make a view that only contains the fields you want to share, click the share button for that view, then choose the “Embed this view on your site” option. By default, the “Show view controls” option should be on, so you’ll have the controls for filtering, grouping, sorting, searching, etc. visible when you embed.

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Thanks much, Justin. Great to know before I get too far down the road with my “grand plan”!