Insert Date field of an exact date inserts one day earlier

Desired outcome: When someone enters our blood donation center (no appointment needed) the front desk looks them up in the donors table and changes their “last visiting date” to today. I want to add a record that shows their new visit and insert the changed date into a date field in a (growing) “visits” table.

I created a simple automation: When record is updated in “donors” table, create new record in “visits” table.

Date Field to watch: “visit date” (this is the last date a visitor arrived)
Action: Create new record in different table and add “visit date” into date field.
Weird/unexpected behavior: the date added is 1 day earlier than the chosen date.


Hi @Tom_Steenhuysen and welcome to the community!

I know that the difference in timezones between data storage in Airtable and what you get to see visually, can differ and have that effect.

Check this post for example.

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Thank you. This helped me get to the root of it.

I also found this post that made it even simpler.

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