Insert symbols on my text

Good Evening,
I must definitely use the “®” & “™” symbols in the text description of my products.
I guess the property of my field should be RTF file.
How should I do it?
I also have a attached photo with my name (for example) that how I want to be done [I made it in Microsoft Word].


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hi again
maybe someway can I put html code IN the column “Name” ? which property to choose to put div class?
i write the code below now in the text here… and it comes!!! look the photo attached!!!

John Antoniou™

it seems to work!

Div class_symbols in text|700x338

Welcome to the community, @John_Antoniou! :smiley: Airtable doesn’t recognize/format HTML in any of its field types. However, you can copy those symbols directly (after typing them in another application) and paste them into your field text. The field type doesn’t need to be rich text; single line or long text fields will work.


Thank you @Justin_Barrett. Thank you very much.
I will try it in an hour later!!!

it dosnt work in any type of field.
Thanks anyway

one clarification, I probably did not position myself correctly. the symbols appear, but I want them elevated / superscript in the word John and the word Anroniou.
See again please my photos attached.
Sorry for the misadertunding.
Is this issue possible to solve?

Unfortunately not. While Airtable does support markdown formatting in certain places, superscript and subscript are not among the available markdown options.

ok thanks again for your time.
i will be stay tuned in community.

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