Instant customer portals from your base - are you interested in this?

Hey everyone!

I’m making Airportal, which lets you hook up your Airtable base and make a portal where your customers can log in, and view and edit data that only pertains to them (i.e. with permissions).

So I’d love to ask the Airtable community: are you interested in this?

The portal works using the email address of your customers from one of your bases (you just need to pick which one!) and then automagically handling the login and making sure they can only see the records related to them. I hope this is going to be really useful for allowing customers to manage their data, their orders, their products… or whatever else you have stored in your bases!

If you’re interested sign up for the beta here:


Can’t believe this hasn’t gotten more attention here. Just saw it on reddit’s Airtable sub a few days ago (my username is AddyEdwin there)

In short - big yes. If I can set multiple pages with custom filters on the portal, then this would effectively solve HUNDREDS of user cases that people currently face with Airtable’s limited user permission settings.

Also, the UI looks fantastic. Would be really interested in this, and would gladly sign up for a beta, and help out with any product testing/feedback. I’m really enthusiastic about this because I’ve been asking Airtable for something similar for nearly 1.5 years!

I think you should post this in the Advanced User Permissions thread here in the community forum in Product Suggestions, it would definitely get a lot of attention

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