Integration from Filemaker Pro to Airtable

I am trying to have Filemaker Pro send all records to a database in one of my Airtable bases, using a rest. Here is my filemaker script, with key/api blanked.

Send to Airtable

#Send a foundset of records to AirTable

Go to Record/Request/Page
[ First ]

#Walk through the records and create a data package of records
Set Variable [ $Names; Value:"$Names & Case( not IsEmpty($Names) ; “,”) & Airtable::cJson" ]
Go to Record/Request/Page
[ Next; Exit after last ]
End Loop

#Put the required wrapper around the record data and URL endpoint
Set Variable [ $URL; Value:“” ]
Set Variable [ $Action; Value:"-X Post" ]
Set Variable [ $Authenticate; Value:" -H “Authorization: Bearer _______\”]
Set Variable [ $ContentType; Value:” -H “Content-Type: application/json”]
Set Variable [ $Names; Value:"{“records”: [ " & $Names & " ]}" ]
Set Variable [ $Data; Value:" -d @$Names" ]

#Send the records to AirTable
Insert from URL [ $Response; cURL options: $Action & $Authenticate & $ContentType & $Data ]
[ Select; Verify SSL Certificates ]
Exit Script [ Result: True ]

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