Integration with algolia


have you guys considered an Algolia integration? would be awesome to auto-sync airtable data into algolia for real-time search

doing it manually is pretty easy and good enough for my requirements right now, but the additional exposure could be good for you.



@Stuart_Brameld In what contexts have you utilized Algolia? What has been your process for manually syncing Airtable data for use with Algolia?


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@Chris_Rutledge we’ve been looking at algolia to provide real-time search functionality of our product database (think product hunt for marketing) i.e. type a topic area, such as social media automation, and display our top recommended products & associated tools.

currently “syncing” involves export the airtable database and importing into algolia, so entirely manual. our database doesn’t change frequently enough for this to be a problem though - we just update it every month.


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