Integrations with note-taking apps?

I’m evaluating using Airtable as a notes repository for my consultancy. We take a TON of notes (every meeting, every standup, every one-off conversation with more than two participants…). Some of these notes are for internal staff only, and some need to be shared with the client.

We’re currently managing this information via Google Docs, but it’s quickly breaking down as notes docs proliferate. Airtable seems to provide a good solution in that I can model notes docs as records in a single database, and then provide filtered views of that database to specific clients based on the values of fields set on each record.

That said, I’m running into a few blockers with the ergonomics of writing and viewing notes in the Airtable UI that I’m hoping to solve via integration. Here’s my ideal solution:

  1. Take notes in a dedicated documentation app (something like Dropbox Paper)
  2. The markdown created by the documentation app is automatically inserted into a new records in an Airtable database
  3. When I want to view notes, I can view them in the documentation app
  4. Commenting and action items are handled via the documentation app (as commenting appears to be quite primitive in Airtable, you can’t comment on specific text or turn a comment into an action item, for example)

Basically what I want is to live in a dedicated documentation app as much as possible for writing and viewing notes, but leverage Airtable’s excellent tagging, filtering, and sharing capabilities on the backend. Has anyone heard of an integrated solution that would do what I’m looking for?


For your use case - I’d recommend you investigate Hugo.

It also has integration, and you can link it with Airtable via Zapier if you need to

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