Integromat send message once formular fields is 0

Im trying to make integromat send me a message formular field in a record in my airtable database <0.
Currently it seems that the input has to change manually instead of being rolled up from other tables.
Does anyone know if this is possible?

Can you clarify what you mean by this?

You should be able to make a new View with a filter for {Formula Field} < 0, then have the Integromat scenario run when there’s a new record in that view.

I’ve done this, but still don’t work.
The formular field is total stock take that minuses stock out from stock in which are two roll-up fields from 2 other tables.

Is there a way where integromat purely watches for records entering a view (when stock is low sends an email) and when it exits a view (stock is replentished) is dosen’t do anything. But when a record enters a view second time (stock is low again) it also sends an email.

My scenario sends an email when the record enters the view 1st time, but second time it does not.

It seems that the ‘watch record’ trigger in integromat relies on a ‘created time’ field or a ‘last modified’ field. But because my stocktake automatically updates from input from other tables i can’t use ‘last modified’ or ‘created time’ as a trigger.

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