Interactive New User Tutorial?


How do I do the interactive tutorial on this community forum?

Here is the screenshot of the Badge description:


Thank you,

P.S. Another member was looking for this too, so I hope I will be able to find it, so I can do the tutorial.


I don’t think it exists any more. I went looking for it myself when I joined a couple weeks back, but only found threads like yours with people asking where it went.

Hey there! I looked into this and this badge is part of the default setup for Discourse (the software that this forum runs on). Essentially, you can get it by chatting with the automated bot, @discobot. We recently disabled the welcome message that discobot sends to users when they join because most users weren’t interacting with it.

I believe you can still ask @discobot to begin the tutorial in a private message by saying @discobot start new user; this will allow you to get the “Certified” badge.


I just tried sending @discobot that, but nothing happened.

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