Interested in managing Shopify store using Airtable?

I want to create an app/system for managing Shopify store from Airtable.
Is there anybody interested in a solution that here?
What features would you like to have?
(ex. order management, product/inventory management etc.)

Would be happy to hear some feedback.
Thank you!

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I look forward to use the app you are going to come up with!
I have a store and we are adding 50+ SKUs every week. So we use Airtable to create order list to maintain and created a simplified view to export and send to vendors.
I wish if we can sync product list on Airtable with Shopify, so it matches product title, description, variations, UPC & etc or create products based on Airtable records.
Also receiving process with Shopify can be improved a lot with Airtable since it already capable of scan barcodes.



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