Interface: Adding/Deleting new record

The interface module doesn’t seem to currently have the capability of adding / deleting a record. I would suggest maybe having a new type of element (Button) that could be added to the interface (i.e. button that could be settup to create record in xyz table, with maybe a popup requesting selected fields to be filled and then positionning to current record being edited)


One of the best things about Interface Designer is that it allows you to tailor the UX to the specific user, including layout and field names. It would be great if the solution for adding new records from the interfaces worked something like Airtable Forms - where you can select which fields can be completed, what order they’re presented, what they’re called, etc.

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Totally agree, we desperately need an easy way to create a noew record in our interfaces.

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Looks like a lot of people have requested this feature in these discussion topics:

Summary of workarounds:


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