Interface Chart Value's are Displaying in Wrong Order

Hi there.

I’m facing a problem in some of my interfaces where the value’s are not appearing in the right order whether I change it from Ascending to Descending.

For example. I have a bar chart as below where all the weeks are in the wrong order:

I’m pulling the 'Week’s from a table as follows. Weeks are a linked record.

Can someone explain what I’m doing wrong here?


Hey Dan,

Did you get this figured out? We’re having the same issue

Bump. Also having this issue

Similar problem here. I need the ability to sort a line chart by a non numeric field.

There are several different ways to set the sort order.

  • Alphabetical sort (This is what happens when none of the other situations apply.)
  • Numeric sort (This requires a number field, not a text string that looks like a number.)
  • Date sort (This requires the field be a date field, not just text string that looks like a date to a human.)
  • Select choice sort (The order of select choice as defined when configuring the field. This requires that the value be a select field.)

Can I confirm that this sorting cannot be done within the interface? That the x-axis choice must be one of these that you listed for the interface to not automatically revert to Alphabetical? My X-Axis is a column with month and year (AUG-22) which cannot unfortunately be sorted as a date (it’s text) without adding in an irrelevant and confusing day.

For Jess…

Add a date field to your data. Pick the end of the month. You can then hide that field. Now, in the interface use the Date field as your X-Axis and change the “Bucket by” to Month. That’s how I did it for your use case.