Interface Designer URL with a record id

Hi there,

Is anyone using a formula field to create an interface page for each record?
The formula looks like this :

'' & {record_id}

This way, the record picker picks up the record automatically, so each link can function as a customized page. I use this to control our projects. The record_id of each project gets picked to create a page with all-round information of the project.

:cry: BUT it stopped working recently, the link opens the interface page, but the record_id automatically changes back to the default (the first record in the record picker list) …
I am waiting for Airtable support team to answer by email.
Meanwhile I wondered if anyone was using interface designer by configuring URL with record_id AND if anyone is experiencing the same problem as me.

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Yep. I’ve found exactly the same.

Welcome to the Airtable community!

I built a base a while ago that used button fields to move between different pages for the same record. It is still working properly.

Thanks for the replies.
I have received an email from Airtable team that it was due to a bug and it is now resolved!

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