Interface on the mobile app?

Hi there,
I guess the interfaces don’t work on Airtable mobile app yet.
I cannot build an interface, ok, but I don’t even find the interfaces I made for my table…
At least when I try to get to my new interface from my iPhone, I only can find a mention of it in notifications (but not on the workspaces overview), and it looks awful when I try to open it.
And if I click on the link in my email from my iPhone - no way to get to the interface either…
Or is it just a bug of my iPhone?..

Thanks! :wink:


Welcome to the community, @kseka_anto! :smiley: Interfaces are currently only available in the desktop browser and standalone app environments. If you open the full browser version on a larger mobile device (like a tablet), it might work, but it’s not really designed for smaller devices like phones. The interface setup is designed from the outset for large screens. Will it ever be converted to work on smaller screens? Tough to say. You could always reach out to Airtable support directly (in the app: Help → Contact support), though there’s no telling if they’ll divulge their plans for interfaces on mobile (if they have any).

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It would be nice if it worked on the tablet app. I can understand why it would be difficult to get all the UI to fit a mobile format.


Hi Justin. I understand that it might be difficult to build the interfaces on the mobile. But, it seems like a phone would be a great place to consume the interfaces, given how they can present simplified information and views.
Anyway, I love Airtable!


Any news on availability to have interface designer released in mobile?


It would be awesome!


Yes! I would love to have interface viewing on the app!


Seconding this! Would love to roll out the interfaces to our team members who primarily input data via forms on tablets rather than accessing the full system.


Yes, interfaces on mobile or at least on tablet would be awesome!