Interface Sharing without option "Go to base"


I have shared an interface (hence a base) with read only external collaborators.
Everything is working fine, but I would like to deny permission to these collaborators to enter the base itself, but i cannot find out how to invalidate the “Go to base option”.

Can anyone help me on that matter.



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That is not yet a possibility. Interfaces are currently only designed for internal collaborators, not external collaborators.

Thank you
That’s very clear

Sharing interface only with extended sharing permissions would be extremely helpful

I don’t work for Airtable. I am an Airtable user just like you, and I am also an independent Airtable consultant. You can contact to let them know how you feel.

I just ran into this very issue after spending a long time creating an Interface. I was honestly flabbergasted when I couldn’t just get a read-only share link and instead had to give users access to data they should never have access to. As a new user of Airtable I admit I don’t fully understand the use of Airtable but this has just left me so confused and disappointed.