Interfaces - Include identifying field in URL

It would be great to have a field appended to the URL - I’m sure there would be a few uses for it but I’m thinking specifically time tracking.
eg. For a project called ‘Browns Engineering’ url would be…=recbrownsengineering

Hope that makes sense

Can you clarify your request a bit? Interface URLs already include the Record ID for any and all “selected” records:

In the example above, the currently selected record “Rohan-Gibson”'s record ID is included in the URL for that page, preceded by the ID of the record selector element (the record picker list to the left). If there were more than one record picker on the page, all selected record IDs would appear in the URL.

I was thinking more along the lines of something human readable so … KA=services-project-for-rohan

May not be possible but certainly would be useful

I can’t speak for Airtable but I don’t anticipate them implementing this. All Airtable URLs use the unique IDs for records/tables/views/etc., using the “name” of the record would be unreliable as different records could have the same name and then there’s dealing with encoding a name for URLs (i.e. removing all spaces, substituting special characters, etc.)