Internal links in Rich Text


I am trying to add internal links on my blog that I am managing via Airtable used as a backend CRM.

I fetch the blog posts via Airtable API but Airtable always prefixes “http” on internal links, so “/about” becomes http:///about.

It’s really puzzling that this is not natively supported and there’s no workaround it seems like such a common use case!

I’ve also tried a normal Markdown syntax but, as the docs say, hyperlinks Markdown is not supported in Rich Text Fields (??!!!).

Does anyone have any workarounds?

Hi @Mattia_Rasulo

Did you try this support article?

For example, a hyperlink in Airtable has this format Airtable instead of the standard hyperlink format in HTML.

If this doesnt help, can you share a screenshot of your current setup?