Internationalisation (again)


It’s a great tool and I’m happy to pay 24$ a month, but: Converting data from spreadsheets as a german user is a pain in the neck because Airtable ignores non-US Standards. I manually have to search and replace csv-data from 1.240,00 to 1,240.00. Also I have to convert standard (at least in Germany) Date formats from 03.04.2017 to something like 4-3-17 before I can use my data: Converting in Airtable will break everything. That’s really annoying and shouldn’t be a big problem to fix. Please, Airtable, I understand America comes first, but could Europe be second? Thanks!


Second this, European markets (of which some have massive potential) get ignored / neglected way too often by many US based SaaS platforms :-1:


I also have the date issue when copying Australian dates into Airtable, even when the Date column is formatted to the correct region, Airtable still flips the day and month around breaking things.

I basically have to use Excel as a middle man to pre-process my copy/paste data.