Intregation with zapier failed an update

Thanks in advance for any answers I might get to this.

In summary I have:

  • 1 Table
  • 1 Grid View with all the data
  • 1 Grid View with the trigger for zapier (Last Modified Time is Today)

What zapier does is when I get a new record on the “Trigger” view it sends an email to all salespeople.
My “problem” is, I updated a record on the Grid View with all the data and the Last Modified Time is Today but it didn’t send the email as it usually does. Is it because it isn’t actually a new record, and just an update? Is that why it didn’t work for that specific result?

Right, Zapier’s “New Record in View” trigger only works once per record and that’s it. Forever. No matter how many times that record re-enters the view, and no matter how long it’s been since the last time it entered the view, that record will NEVER be triggered again. One trigger per record forever, until the end of the universe. Lol.

Clearly, this is ridiculous behavior which serves nobody. That’s why it is highly, highly recommended to switch over to Integromat instead of Zapier, which doesn’t have this same problem. Integromat is also vastly superior to Zapier in terms of pricing, features, functionality, flexibility, customizability, everything.

However, if you’re forced to stick with Zapier, then you would need to do a different trigger, such as a “Search Records” trigger on a schedule, instead of a “New Records in View” trigger. But you can’t even schedule Zapier’s search functionality, so you’d need to use a JavaScript hack like this to trigger it.

In general, though, it’s best to just avoid the Zapier nonsense altogether — if you can — by switching to Integromat. Searching can be scheduled in Integromat, and updated records on a view can always be re-triggered. And if you DON’T want updated records to re-trigger, you have that option as well. So much flexibility and power with Integromat.

Another option is to use our product (On2Air: Actions) with zapier that overcomes that constraint.


Omg, I totally forgot!! That is 100% correct!!

Yes, @Lercio_Pinto, if you are sticking with Zapier, your #1 best option is On2Air: Actions.

In fact, you really can’t use Zapier effectively WITHOUT On2Air Actions. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @ScottWorld for your answer. And thank you too @openside. I will look at both your solutions and see what benefits my business more. Will let know what I achieved when I decide. :wink:

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After checking both options, On2Air isn’t currently the best option for our business due to the high cost.
Integromat did it for me.

no worries @Lercio_Pinto - just want to make sure you notices there are lower cost entries to use our product. either purchasing a single app (starts at just $30/month) or we even have starter level plans starting at $9/month for single use case scenarios. More details on (check FAQ section for the starter plans)

I am currently finding a disadvantage with integromat. While zapier counts for executed tasks, integromat counts for “searches”. That is a big disadvantage, at leats for me.
For example, Zapier searches for a record every 15minutes during the day and only counts if it gets executed (doesn’t matter the number of zaps).
Integromat counts every search you do, so thats 96 “tasks” everyday to a total of 2976 at the end of the month for a single scenario.

Another possible approach is to let Airtable handle the trigger using its new automation features (currently in open beta for Pro-plan workspaces or higher), and the automation can activate a zap in Zapier via a webhook call. Airtable’s automations allow a single record to trigger multiple times if the record leaves and later re-enters the same view.

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