Introducing Interface Designer 🎉

@Jordan_Scott1 - Interface designer is amazing by itself. Quick question though, can we embed interface designer into html?


@Jyo_D I’m so thrilled to hear that you’re loving Interface Designer! Right now, you are not able to embed interfaces, but this is an awesome suggestion that I’ll make sure to pass along to our product team :slight_smile:


How about an html element in ID itself? :slight_smile:

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Synced Tables can achieve this for now FYI


Really simple advice, when I try to change the columns width of a grill, its really difficult to change the ones that are on the right edge, because every time I press there the “properties box” pops up and cover the column, so I cannot change

The way around that I found, is move the column to the left, change the columns width, and then move back the column to the desired location.

I am loving the interface designer, it really has helped me to get the information how I want, when I need it.


Good morning @Jordan_Scott1

Just checking to see if there’s any news on Interface Designer new features and enhancements, as there’s been a lot of community feedback, and it would be great to hear about Airtable’s progress and consideration of these features.

Edit: Feature Request - As previously mentioned buttons, but with the ability to “copy to clipboard” so that when the user clicks a button then text from a record field lands in their clipboard for future pasting.


Would Airtable consider accessibility for their on site videos? It’s very frustrating to be reading along and find that the answer I’m looking for is in a video… with no captions.
So the answer appears to be for everyone else… except those of us who need captions. I know we aren’t the majority, but we are more than you think. I continue to be surprised in this day and age how many huge companies are still not accessible. (Hint: It’s the great majority). It’s illegal, but the little guy has to take on the expense of pressuring the big guy to follow ADA law.
Please caption your videos!


Wow, this is astonishing feedback and a great reminder for the rest of us. Thank you for sharing!!

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@Mary_Williams THANK YOU for sharing this and for holding Airtable accountable. This is so important and something our video teams have been actively working on, so you can expect to see improvements from Airtable on this front in the coming year - thank you again for your patience and candor, it’s very much appreciated.

This may be the wrong place to post this, my apologies if so.

I’ve been using the Interface Designer for a while now, so far it’s great and very useful getting dashboards to senior management within our company.

One issue that crops up for me is the following:

I have a Published Interface with a Bar Chart that I would like to tinker with. Either to see if I can improve it or double check my filters etc. are correct.

Currently if I make a change to that Bar Chart (let’s say I change the X Value and reset the filters) and then ultimately decide to leave it as it was, every time I go back to my Edit version of the Interface, I’m no longer seeing the Published View. Instead I’m stuck viewing the changes I had previously made and have since discarded.
As there is no current option to duplicate an Interface, it means that each time I want to tinker with that Bar Chart I would have to re-build it from scratch.

Having an option to discard all unpublished changes would be very useful at this stage of Interfaces as we’re all scrambling to see how they can be useful to us.

Happy to repost this, or submit the feedback to the appropriate channels @Jordan_Scott1

Thank you!


@Jack_P Thanks so much for passing this feedback along, I definitely see how discarding unpublished changes would be useful for many reasons! - I have submitted it to our team and they may reach out to you if they have additional questions. :slight_smile:


@Jordan_Scott1 I would be obliged to beta test those conditional logic features within automations. Thank you!

Just a small request - Whilst working on my Work Management Interface (that helps me track meetings and work logs), I noticed that blank Record return “-” and am hoping an option can be added to allow the user to either display a blank record as “-” or, allow them to hide it completely so there’s nothing visible, essentially having an empty cell collapses so then surrounding cells take its place.

Below are two screenshots where I’m using Emoji’s to symobolise states, and when they’re no long active I’m wanting nothing, but instead a little “-” appears.

Regardless of my requests, can’t wait to hear about the latest Interface enhancements. :partying_face:


@Karlstens this is great! Thank you for the detailed screenshots, also super helpful. Just passed this along to the team :slight_smile:


try returning one white space or line return instead of blank as your ‘else’

i dont know that it will work just a theory

Yah, the problem with that solution is that I’m then “hacking” my base entries with " " or “\n” entries, rather than leaving records as legitimate BLANK() entries.

As Interface / Base admins, we absolutely need to lay down the law with Airtable devs regarding Interface improvement and functionality, in that using a table/record work-around to fix an issue of an Beta interface - it’s not something we should tolerate as base/interface administrators. Having Interfaces in beta gives the community the opportunity to help guide the features to be built properly from the start (and hopefully avoid record entry workarounds to fix a problem with an interface).

Always good to hear suggestions though, and your suggestion was my initial line of thinking too regarding a fix for this.

I’m of the opinion of “don’t ask don’t get” so really appreciate you forwarding this on @Jordan_Scott1 - any chance we could get a rough idea of new features/fixes to test in Interfaces?