Introducing Interface Designer 🎉

Hello! Love the new interface! I think it’s a giant step for airtable. I’ve created a couple of layouts already, and was wondering if there was an ETA on the gallery function for the interface. It would be great to use with a record picker, versus using a filtered view in the database.


That would be so great, isn’t it ?


Just a guess… you are grouping by multiselect or single-select field and use it’s color schema? Try to change color schema to any other.

Not allowing a public view of Interfaces is tragic for me. I don’t need people to be able to mess with them, just view them like any other view in Airtable. They’re so much cleaner and friendly than sharing a kanban or gallery view with no ability to direct folks when it comes to filters and the like…

I don’t have a couple clients I’m working with, I organize people in the hundreds, and use Airtable for a variety of things where just showing concise information is key to focusing the community.

In my case, this kills about 90% of my application for Interfaces. I’ll still use it in house with employees, but they’re the ones I pay to figure stuff out. It’s the casual folks who need the clarity when I’m trying to share information with them.

When this was first announced, I was thinking it was going to be more like the front end of an app, user friendly for me to share information with others. Back end usability and clarity when viewing data is awesome, but it’s not like I can then afford to build an app to interface with that data and use it how I need to… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


@Justin_Barrett is there an ETA when / if Interfaces will be able to be shared publicly? This would be a killer feature for me and my team, to show dashboards & data summaries to our project stakeholders & clients. But it really isn’t feasible to add them to our workspace and spend thousands of dollars in the process just so they can see the interfaces.

That’s why we need to employ external offerings for now that are subpar to the Interface Designer, which is why we really hope that we may be able to share interfaces publicly rather sooner than later.

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Password-protected Interface Designer is quintessential! Bring it on Airtable!


Welcome to the community, @Peter_Hase! :smiley: Unfortunately I can’t help you because I’m not an Airtable employee. I and others with the “Community Leader” badge have been recognized by Airtable for our contributions to the community, but we don’t have inside knowledge about release timelines for any new/updated features.


You may have already checked them out, but tools like Stacker (disclosure: I built that!) and others can allow you to create sites and customer portals to share your Airtable data externally – including behind a secure password @Hendrick_Yap.

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Any idea on when Interfaces may be shareable as view only without giving access to the entire base?


Desperately need this!

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Any word on the pivot table in interface?

Not that I’ve seen. I actually was just trying this again yesterday and didn’t see that function.

Thanks for the info. And yes I’ve checked Stacker previously but the pricing for the functionalities I want is quite steep for our department.

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I completely agree. It’s not priced to the market for my client’s applications.

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A couple of things on my interface use.

  • The entire interface reloads for a few seconds after I start typing. Waiting it out is one thing, but my text entry location losing focus is a real pain. I keep my interface open the entire working day, and as it’s a private base I don’t understand the need for this loading routine that executes multiple times a day. Often I am on the phone entering information from that conversation but having to wait for the reload and reposition my cursor.

  • Could a method be added for a persistent note area, so that as I cycle through records, the persistent text area stays the same? Been thinking about this a lot lately. It’s like I need two side-by-side record views open… maybe I just do that in two different browser windows. :thinking:

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I agree! Being able to publicly access these interfaces would be extremely beneficial. Let’s hope as soon as it’s coming out of beta that it will be available without an airtable account - and that a couple of these interfaces will be available on the free tier as well.


Stacker is way too expensive! If Airtables just allowed Interface designer to be used like how shared views are used. this would be awesome.



Not sure why that’s the case…

Looks like it might be closer. At least they said something about the go to base button going away.

And now old apps are called extensions so interfaces could be the next no-code apps Airtable step.