Introducing: kanban view


Today, we’re putting all our cards on the table and launching kanban view!

Check out our launch post for more information, or, if you have some questions on how to get started, check out our kanban view support docs.


This is awesome! Will we be able to group based on linked record-type columns in the future? (instead of just single select?)


Could you add the ability to move the uncatigorizeed to the far right? When it is empty, it is out of place.


How about stacking by checkboxes?


Congratulations on shipping!


Well done on this really awesome feature! Thank you!! :tada:


My feedback: The background color is too much. I wish it defaulted to something muted, perhaps a softer version of the color we have to choose for the base.

I changed my whole base color because on the Kanban view it was so garish.

Congrats on the launch and thanks for making it awesome!

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