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Hello Community! Happy New Year!

I’m trying to build an inventory table and there’s just a small detail that I cannot figure out…

It’s easy to use a rollout field to add and substract items, but we monthly manually count the inventory and update any differences… how would you do that?

I have a form where staff inputs product sales and buys, including a checkbox to mark that the quantity is not to be added/substracted but it’s the current inventory level.

Any clues? Thank you so much!!

Hi @Angel_Baena

Did you try to make the rollup field conditionnal? “Only include linked records from the xxx table that meet certain conditions” and ruled out the records with a checkmark?

Thank you @Databaser but I’m not sure if it’ll work.

When creating that checked record I would need to uncheck all of the older records so the count begins again, is that possible?

I have made inventories Airtables with a combination of inventories, buys, sells and orders, so it can be done. I do think I don’t understand this bit completely… Your staff sells something, use a form to submit that sale, but then add a checkmark?

not exactly: it’s the wine cellar of a restaurant. Every day we sell wine bottles and regularly we buy new ones. That part is easy with a rollup field.

every month an inventory is made, and sometimes it has to be adjusted: there should be 10 bottles but there are just 8. We can add a -2 but I rather write the count (when people has to do calculations tend to make mistakes).

I hope I managed to explain the situation better.

Thank you so much

Don’t worry Databaser, I just figured out how to use scripts to send webhooks so thanks to integromat future looks brighter =)

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OK, that makes sense. I used the dates of the buys, sales and inventory to give the inventory priority over the inputted buys and sales.

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