Inventory at multiple locations


Hi, I have to “manage the inventory” at various locations within a facility. Id like to have each record in the proper order in which they appear physically (ex. I know that in Drawer #1 in Space #1 is the Hammer)

If I have to update specific information about the “Hammer” record, I still have to manually update the other “Hammer” records that are in diffrent locations. Do I have to copy and past to those other records or is there a way to autoupdate the other 2 “Hammer” records.

Locked Item Part#

Drawer 1 Space 1 Hammer 38B (Updated Details that need to be copied)
Drawer 1 Space 2 Screwdriver 15P
Drawer 1 Space 3 Hammer 38B
Drawer 1 Space 4 Hammer 38B

Note: The thing I’m trying to do is maintain the Hierarchy/Order…

The way I’ve been doing it (see below/attachment) Ive just been using “Multiple Select” feature to choose what locations the “Part” is located. Which doesn’t allow me to map out the entire facilities parts list in order. I may be missing something, or perhaps the way I’ve got my Airtable setup isn’t optimal for the task at hand.

Locked Locations

Hammer (Drawer 1 Space 1), (Drawer 1 Space 3), (Drawer 1 Space 4)


Check out this example base that should help

What I did was to split out the “Location” eg Drawer 1 Space 1
and the “Item” eg Hammer
into two separate tables and then using a link field in “Item” to link to the “Location”

Let me know if I can help further :slight_smile: