Inventory Barcode solution


Hi dear folks,
I want to ask a solution suggestion on Barcode solution that our company is trying to build the inventory list which we want each item has its own barcode (any code type including QR), and we can scan it and locating its place.

I would want to ask:
1). which is the best barcode generation system? anything can be better integrated to airtable?
2). which scanner we should purchase? or just using our iphone?

thanks for your answering.


You can scan already existing barcodes with the Airtable app on a Phone (iOS devices will open a camera within the app to scan with, and Android devices will kick the user out to the camera app to scan, and bring them back in to the Airtable app once scanned).

Here’s a link to a post where I embedded a video of that in action on iOS:

I would suggest ordering pre-printed barcode stickers to use on your inventory items. There are many vendors online that sell high-durability, pre-printed barcode stickers with the number range you give them in bulk. Stick those on all your items and scan them into your Airtable base.


hi @Jeremy_Oglesby, thank you.
However, I’m still wondering how could I generate the code, for example, ELDSTIO9832, how could I generate this alphabetical code based on a certain rule? I’ve been always wondering how the firms can generate the stock number (ID)/case number, I believe there has a solution, can not be just typed by a human, because this can build the potential conflict that if there are duplications or not a consistency of the length, for example, we need a 10 digits unique ID, start from three alphabetical letters.

Thank you.


Take a look at the Alpha-Numeric ID generator base in this post:

You could modify it to produce the 3-Alpha 7-Digit ID’s you need.