Inventory database for food industry

I’m part of a small growing business. We are looking for inventory database options as we begin to expand. I was curious if any other food-related businesses use Airtable for their inventory tracking? If so, how’s it going? Do you believe Airtable will be a good option as your company expands and grows?

Hi Jon, I have a Kombucha brewery ( and implemented Airtable in various aspects of the business, but actually never for inventory management. Generally I think Airtable is a great tool for building an efficient inventory management system. Happy to help you with this in some capacity!

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Thanks for responding, Rupert! In a basic sense, what have you used it for in your company? By the way, the product and website look fantastic!

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Sorry for the late reply. We’re using Airtable to track all aspects of production (logging from receiving ingredients to finished product) and many aspects of the business (order management, project management, invoicing, CRM, business dashboards, team scheduling, etc.). I was on BuiltOnAir a while ago (a couple of things have changed / improved since then): Rupert Hoffschmidt, Founder of ROY Kombucha | BuiltOnAir Podcast [All Things Airtable] S7:E10 Demo - YouTube

The company wouldn’t be where it is today without Airtable :slight_smile:

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